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2010-08-11 :: HTML5 Page was converted to HTML5. Included is a new example of how to inline MathML and SVG in HTML5.

2009-06-10 :: Java I've converted this page from PHP to JSP and moved it to Google App Engine.

2009-05-21 :: Slackware64 Added RSS feed for newly announced, official x86_64 Slackware port (it's empty for now as there is nothing in the changelog).

2009-05-10 :: .txz in Slackware and other updates As Slackware has moved most of its packages to txz format, RSS feeds have been updated to properly recognize .txz extension in the changelog (also .tlz and .tbz). Also, new versions were added (12.1 and 12.2) and Sflack was removed as it seems to be dead.

2009-01-05 :: Clean up Just removed some old stuff.

2007-11-22 :: Slackware RSS I've created Slackware RSS page which contains RSS feeds made from Slackware changelogs. I've also created feeds for x86_64 Slackware ports (Bluewhite64, Sflack, Slamd64).
I'm still experimenting with this, so the feeds properties may be changed in future.

2007-10-11 :: Schedule I've posted my schedule for the upcoming semester.

2007-09-06 :: XHTML + MathML + SVG Small example of mixing together XHTML 1.1, MathML 2.0 and SVG 1.1.

2007-09-05 :: IE Internet Explorer won't display this page at all from now on. I don't intend to fix it, this page conforms to Internet standards, Internet Explorer does not.

2007-03-15 :: XHTML Converted main site to XHTML 1.1

2006-05-17 :: New webpage Whatever...